Sunday, January 4, 2009

Introducing Katami Photography

I decided if I'm going to be serious about my photography I'd better start looking at branding myself and working on some kind of folio. and thus Katami was born.

I was stuck on a name.... What to call my work etc.... It kinda dawned on me that I am Kat, but that's a pretty slack name for a business venture if I head in that direction, so I switched it around a bit and came up with Kat am I - Katami!!!

A bit about me, I commenced a Diploma of Art Craft and design specialising in Photography in 1999. Not long after starting the course I discovered I was expecting our second child and had to leave part way through the course to raise her as it was only available to study full time - which isn't the best with a brand new bubba. I tried to go back to it once she was a few months old but it just didn't work out. Mostly as the teacher was extremely demanding and I could complete assignments etc, however being restricted with time to be in the studio and using darkroom chemicals with a newborn didn't mix. Also the teacher wasn't the most child friendly and any pics of children sneaking in was frowned on - strictly frowned upon!!!

Anyways I've always loved my camera and taking photographs but the pressure of being a mum won out over my passion for several years. I've since re-discovered that that passion is still there flickering away, it hadn't been snuffed out. I made a very selfish purchase of a Nikon D60 and it was like a breath of pure air to a dying flame of fire - it's re-ignited brighter than ever!!!

I'm loving having a camera back in my hands and am still learning the ropes of digital photography as opposed to the film we used 9 years ago. And it's been like riding a bike, I might be a little rusty for a short period but it's all coming back to me :)

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